Automatically post to social media from RSS feeds

At Heroic Social you can now automatically post a message and link to your social media profiles anytime a new article is posted on an RSS feed. You can even customize the text and add randomized hashtags at the beginning or end if you like.

Here’s how you can automatically post from RSS feeds:

First, sign up at Then go to the Publisher tools at the top of the page.


Click the link for the Feeds page from the menu on the left.


From here you can search for any RSS feed by topic. For example, if you have a Twitter account that posts hockey news, you could search for RSS feeds related to “hockey” but you could also do this for marketing, SEO, sales, social media marketing, etc.


You will then see some results on the feed you searched for. Select one that you’d like to auto-post to Twitter, Facebook, etc. and click the “Add” button.


Now it’s time to customize this RSS feed to be published exactly how you want it to. The first thing to do is select which social profiles you want to automatically post new articles from this feed. From the “Profiles” tab, click the “Add a Profile” button to add one or more social media profiles.

Add Profiles for RSS Feeds

Head on over to the “Updates” tab where you can configure how often and how many articles from this feed you want posted to your network.

Configure Auto Posting from RSS Feeds

Lastly, you can configure some prefixes and suffixes for each new article. When a new article is found on the feed, the title and link will automatically become the text for your social media account post. If you’d like, you can enter in some hashtags or other text as prefixes or suffixes. Each time a new post is published, one prefix and one suffix will be picked and added to the beginning and end of the post, respectively.

Add Prefixes and Suffixes to RSS Feeds

And that’s it! Now anytime a new article is found on this RSS feed, it will automatically be published to the social media profiles you added and in the manner you configured it to post.

It’s that simple to ensure you continually post useful content for your followers by auto-posting from RSS feeds at Heroic Social.

Copy Followers of Another Twitter User

One of the most important things you can do to help grow your Twitter account with active, engaging followers is to leverage the followers that your competitors already have. Other Twitter accounts’ followers are publicly available and there are various tools for helping you use that information to grow your own account and brand.

In particular, Who Unfollowed Me Site provides a Copy Followers feature that is miles above the rest in terms of functionality, ease of use, and feedback. There you can lookup the followers of another Twitter user and see not just their basic profile information, but derived information such as tweets per day, follower ratio, days since last tweet, and several others.


This information can be used to filter out the results of your competitor’s followers to find the specific type of people you want to gain as followers and potential customers. This can be done in a variety of ways but a sure fire way to get some of your competitor’s followers to follow you is the following:

  1. Lookup at least 5,000 of your competitor’s followers
  2. Filter out egg profile pictures, protected accounts, accounts with no tweets, people you already follow, and people you have unfollowed in the past
  3. Set a filter on the desired language, a minimum of 200 followers, a filter on days since last tweet of a maximum of 3 days, and a filter on the follower ratio between 0.9 and 1.05.
  4. Follow 50 users from this list each and every day

The filters for the Copy Followers feature are simple to use, automatically update the table, and persist between sessions.


At this point, as you follow more users, the app keeps track on how many of these users follow you back so you can get a good idea on the return you’re getting for your efforts. If you’re getting 25% of the people you follow to follow you back, then you are doing well considering these are targeted, active users who are likely to be interested in your brand.

Few services provide the granular control over copying the followers of another Twitter as is available on Who Unfollowed Me Site, so check it out.

Follow and Be Followed Back, Guaranteed!

There are dozens of applications and website that promise to help you grow your Twitter account. But none of them can really guarantee that you gain more REAL, active, human followers, can they?

On the contrary, there is one application that has a very unique feature – namely the ability to request a Mutual Follow with another user. The website providing this feature is Who Unfollowed Me Site and this is just one feature of many that they offer.

The basic premise is this:

  • You login to the website
  • Request mutual follows with other users that are online at the same time
  • If they accept it, then you both follow each other on Twitter simultaneously
  • Similarly, other users can request a Mutual Follow with you that you can accept

No more asking for follow backs.

No more unfollowing people after 7 days if they didn’t follow back.

No more worrying about following too many people that don’t follow back.

All of that goes away with the guarantee of a follow back stemming from a mutually agreed upon 2-way Twitter relationship. The best part? This feature is absolutely FREE to use for all members of Who Unfollowed Me Site. So check it out!

Twitter Auto Follow Back

Who Unfollowed Me Site is a 3rd party Twitter application for managing and growing your account.

A bit of history… A very common practice on Twitter is following back all of your followers. While numerous 3rd party applications used to offer this capability (since it’s not possible on Twitter directly), this functionality has since been banned under the new automation rules.

All following back must now be manual and done one at a time. However, there are still plenty of services that enable you to follow back your followers at the fastest possible rate while providing valuable other tools and resources for managing growth. One such service is Who Unfollowed Me Site.

This service provides the following features:

  • Following back all followers as fast as possible within Twitter’s automation rules
  • Unfollowing tweeps who do not follow you back including the ability to see when you followed them
  • Find out who followed me and who unfollowed me recently
  • Copy the followers of another tweep quickly and efficiently
  • Micro-manage your current following list and drop users who are eggs, spammy, inactive, or using other criteria
  • Follow people that are HIGHLY likely to follow back to help grow your count
  • Promote your own message on Twitter using credits that are earned daily automatically
  • Make money as an affiliate by promoting the service with your own personal link
  • Send auto direct message to new followers
  • Much, much more!

This is just a summary of the features available. You’ll have to sign in and check it out and see how advanced are the tools available for performing the actions mentioned above.

While there are upgrade plans available, the free plan is extremely powerful and is guaranteed to help you manage your Twitter account efficiently. Check it out today at