Twitter Auto Follow Back

Who Unfollowed Me Site is a 3rd party Twitter application for managing and growing your account.

A bit of history… A very common practice on Twitter is following back all of your followers. While numerous 3rd party applications used to offer this capability (since it’s not possible on Twitter directly), this functionality has since been banned under the new automation rules.

All following back must now be manual and done one at a time. However, there are still plenty of services that enable you to follow back your followers at the fastest possible rate while providing valuable other tools and resources for managing growth. One such service is Who Unfollowed Me Site.

This service provides the following features:

  • Following back all followers as fast as possible within Twitter’s automation rules
  • Unfollowing tweeps who do not follow you back including the ability to see when you followed them
  • Find out who followed me and who unfollowed me recently
  • Copy the followers of another tweep quickly and efficiently
  • Micro-manage your current following list and drop users who are eggs, spammy, inactive, or using other criteria
  • Follow people that are HIGHLY likely to follow back to help grow your count
  • Promote your own message on Twitter using credits that are earned daily automatically
  • Make money as an affiliate by promoting the service with your own personal link
  • Send auto direct message to new followers
  • Much, much more!

This is just a summary of the features available. You’ll have to sign in and check it out and see how advanced are the tools available for performing the actions mentioned above.

While there are upgrade plans available, the free plan is extremely powerful and is guaranteed to help you manage your Twitter account efficiently. Check it out today at

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