Automatically post to social media from RSS feeds

At Heroic Social you can now automatically post a message and link to your social media profiles anytime a new article is posted on an RSS feed. You can even customize the text and add randomized hashtags at the beginning or end if you like.

Here’s how you can automatically post from RSS feeds:

First, sign up at Then go to the Publisher tools at the top of the page.


Click the link for the Feeds page from the menu on the left.


From here you can search for any RSS feed by topic. For example, if you have a Twitter account that posts hockey news, you could search for RSS feeds related to “hockey” but you could also do this for marketing, SEO, sales, social media marketing, etc.


You will then see some results on the feed you searched for. Select one that you’d like to auto-post to Twitter, Facebook, etc. and click the “Add” button.


Now it’s time to customize this RSS feed to be published exactly how you want it to. The first thing to do is select which social profiles you want to automatically post new articles from this feed. From the “Profiles” tab, click the “Add a Profile” button to add one or more social media profiles.

Add Profiles for RSS Feeds

Head on over to the “Updates” tab where you can configure how often and how many articles from this feed you want posted to your network.

Configure Auto Posting from RSS Feeds

Lastly, you can configure some prefixes and suffixes for each new article. When a new article is found on the feed, the title and link will automatically become the text for your social media account post. If you’d like, you can enter in some hashtags or other text as prefixes or suffixes. Each time a new post is published, one prefix and one suffix will be picked and added to the beginning and end of the post, respectively.

Add Prefixes and Suffixes to RSS Feeds

And that’s it! Now anytime a new article is found on this RSS feed, it will automatically be published to the social media profiles you added and in the manner you configured it to post.

It’s that simple to ensure you continually post useful content for your followers by auto-posting from RSS feeds at Heroic Social.

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